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Lance Reddick Has ‘Performances Yet to Come’ in Destiny 2

The Destiny 2 community mourns the loss of Lance Reddick and remembers him through tributes, including crowds gathering at the Tower. And, according to Bungie, Reddick will live on with more voice work in the game.

Known for his work on The Wire, Fringe, and the John Wick series (including this weekend’s John Wick: Chapter 4), Reddick voiced Commander Zavala in Destiny 2. its first statement On Reddick’s passing blog post yesterday.

“The tributes received for Lance were overwhelming, from endless heartfelt messages on social media to impromptu gatherings of respect at Zavala’s corner of the Tower overlooking The Last City,” the blog said in part. Read. “As an actor, musician, gamer, and family member, the passion Lance brings to what he loves has been reflected in the eyes and hearts of everyone who loves him. For now, we We honor his presence through his performance, in games, and in memories that will last a lifetime.”

Reddick, who died on March 17 at the age of 60, has also appeared in other games, voicing Sylens in Horizon Zero Dawn. And, as Bungie pointed out, he was an avid gamer himself and was vocal in the Destiny community (read his tribute to Reddick’s influence on the gaming community here).

In an initial statement, Bungie called Reddick “an iconic presence on screen, within Destiny, and most importantly, directly.”

“His love for our community shone through Commander Zavala, his uncompromising dedication to his craft, and the radiant kindness that touched those around him.” is a very understatement, but it is nonetheless true.”

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