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Moss and Moss: Book 2 Confirmed as PlayStation VR2 Launch Titles

According to new information, the expanded version of Moss and Moss: Book 2 will launch alongside PlayStation VR 2 on February 22nd next year. blog post on the company’s website.

In this update, Moss developer Polyarc details how to take full advantage of PlayStation VR 2’s upgraded features, removing some of the limitations imposed on the series by its predecessor’s hardware. increase.

Both games run in 4K at 90 fps, feature graphical upgrades including improved lighting and textures, and utilize foveated rendering to reduce overall demand on the system.

VR2’s upgrade offers a wider field of view than the original, and allows players to use both hands while interacting with the rat-like protagonist, Quill, by using each Sense Controller individually.

PlayStation’s move to a two-controller setup could make weapon inventories more accessible during combat and streamline environmental interaction during puzzle sections than the original PSVR version, which relied on the PS4 DualShock pad. there is.

Additionally, the revamped title takes advantage of VR2’s eye-tracking capabilities to light up interactable objects when observed. This prompts him to Quill provide scenario-specific hints if he gets stuck on a puzzle. The developers also utilize the Sense Controller’s adaptive triggers to draw the player into the fantasy world.

“The action is clearly felt when the player experiences the tension and weight of the virtual object while grabbing and moving it,” the blog said. “The fragile pot and barrel respond to the amount of force used and break apart when squeezed enough to overcome trigger resistance.”

IGN gave Moss: Book 2 an 8 when it was first released in March of this year, stating that the second game “builds well on its predecessor with an engaging world and interesting platforming.” However, it was “primarily let down by PSVR’s aging tech.”

Moss and Moss: Book 2 is available for pre-order from the PlayStation store for £32.49, or £29.24 for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

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