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MultiVersus: Black Adam and Stripe from Gremlins Seemingly Confirmed

A new ad for MultiVersus suggests two new additions, Gremlins’ Black Adam and Stripe.

Advertisements shared on social media show off new artwork for the hit online platform fighter, with the iconic stripes of DC’s Black Adam and Gremlins appearing as part of the game’s line-up.

Neither of these characters are currently confirmed by the MultiVersus developers.

Recently leaked roster Of the upcoming characters, those that mention both Black Adam and Stripe lend some legitimacy to the rest of the list. Black Adam is about to make his big screen debut in an upcoming solo movie starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as his DC anti-him hero.

Stripes, on the other hand, were the main antagonists of the first Gremlins movie. It was originally a cuddly Mogwai that was spawned from Gizmo after the creature accidentally splashed it with water. After eating food after midnight, Stripe and his band of murderous Mogwai turn into Gremlins.

Black Adam and Stripe is just the latest addition to MultiVersus. MultiVersus officially kicks off its first season today, with the addition of Morty to the line-up later this week. After a delayed season, MultiVersus appears to be drip-feeding new content throughout the season, so we can expect to see Black Adam and Stripe appear in the coming weeks.

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