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Nintendo Issues Full Statement Over Smash World Tour Cancellation

Days after news of smashing world tour [SWT] Nintendo plans to cancel the final championship in 2022 and the 2023 tour, and has issued a lengthy statement about its decision not to provide SWT with a license to host any Smash Bros. event.

In a statement to IGN, Nintendo said, “That decision was based solely on an evaluation of the proposals submitted by SWT and an evaluation of the unlicensed activity.” must meet the high standards we demand of them when it comes to the health and safety of their fans,” he added.

“It is also important that partners adhere to brand and IP guidelines and act according to professional and organizational best practices,” Nintendo wrote. “Using this same approach, we evaluate every partner individually.

Earlier this week, the organizers of one of the largest third-party Super Smash Bros. fighting game tournaments, the Smash World Tour, announced that they would be canceling the final event of the year and the 2023 event after Nintendo refused to issue them. Did. License to conduct Super Smash Bros. Fighting Tournament Events.

SWT organizers published a lengthy post in the media regretting the event, claiming they were told they could no longer operate “without any warning”. The organizers also revealed that they are in negotiations with Nintendo to obtain a license to run Smash Bros. tournaments, and Nintendo noted that SWT has not violated its intellectual property rights.

However, this point is clearly challenged by Nintendo’s statement implying that partners must adhere to the “brand and IP guidelines” set by the company.

Nintendo also reiterated that it had informed SWT organizers “verbally” that it was not seeking to cancel the 2022 finals “due to the impact it would have on players,” and that “the decision to cancel SWT 2022” is still their own choice.

SWT organizers have said they will issue full refunds to attendees of the now-cancelled 2022 event.

“Partners we license must meet the high standards we demand of them when it comes to the health and safety of their fans.”

SWT organizers also announced that one of Nintendo’s Smash Bros. partners, Panda Global, the organizer of the Panda Cup Smash Bros. tournament, had founder Alan Bunny warned potential organizers that SWT would be closed. He accused him of sabotage, claiming that he was telling A potential SWT partner of his is reconsidering joining the Smash World Tour.

Nintendo said its decision was “not influenced by outside parties such as Panda Global,” and the company is “open to partnering with other organizations, offering licenses for major tournaments other than the Panda Cup. Panda Global will continue to be Nintendo’s partner on Super Smash Bros., but the company said:[s] We welcome proposals for tournament licenses from other groups. “

You can read Nintendo’s full statement below.

Matt TM Kim is IGN’s News can contact him @lawoftd.

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