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A proper remake may rise from the grave next year, but Dead Space’s decaying corpse was brought back to life early on in the form of The Callisto Protocol. The haunting bloodline hallways and space zombie-killing hallmarks first established in USG Ishimura are recreated and, thanks to some amazingly detailed splashes, are more awe-inspiring than ever. blood and guts. Unfortunately, while Mutant Dismantling is more vivid than ever, the Callisto Protocol’s shortcomings are just as stark. Occasional control annoyances, unbalanced combat, and an overall lack of innovation make nearly eight hours of carnage satisfyingly terrifying, but nothing is as good as the series that made it happen. do not have.

The Black Iron Prison facility on the moon of Callisto has been devastated and the prisoners are revolting. Not only in the sense that they’re escaping the cell and causing riots, but also because they were infected with a mysterious virus that mutated them all into twisted and toxic avengers. Lee gets to the root of Resident Evil, finds a way to escape from a prison planet, and claustrophobically crawls through ruins and a very well-realized facility overrun by lunar-based madmen. What follows is a fairly linear series of trials, but thankfully, his team of developers, at Striking Distance Studios, are proving to be masterful makers of spooky corridors. From the maintenance room decorated with hanging corpses that look like jailers’ piñatas to the frosted glass facility behind the prison walls.

I was trapped in a state of extreme anxiety in the corrupt prison of the Callisto Protocol.

Josh Duhamel in the movie Transformers does a commendable job as he plays the lead role and Karen Fukuhara in The Boys plays main ally Dani Nakamura, but the pair Much of the desperation and discomfort of the plight of The Design is conveyed through its striking art direction and audio. With the third-person camera keeping close to Jacob at all times, he could clearly see the sheen of sweat on his scalp in the damp laundry area, the blood splatters that wet his coveralls after each brutal encounter, and the particularly nasty sewage. increase. Covering his body after being forced to walk waist-deep in waste management. Everything is thick and gritty in a truly palpable way, enhanced by disturbing scrapes and jarring squelch in the darkness around you. Masking has become a common practice, but here it reinforces the sense of dread rather than being a drug. His wince onscreen echoed my own anxious expression as we nudged through the covered caverns. I was trapped in a state of extreme anxiety in the corrupt prison of the Callisto Protocol.

Retread space

But let’s deal with the elephant-sized mutant monsters in the room. Callisto Protocol is effectively a dead space game in all but name, and Striking Distance Studios is headed up by Dead Space co-creator Glen Schofield. From his neat minimal HUD that grafts Jacob’s health bar on the back of his neck like a phone battery indicator, to stomping boxes and corpses to discover valuable resources, relying heavily on battery-powered telekinesis abilities Throw objects with a flick of Jacob’s wrist, up to a combat system that allows you to shoot. There’s even evidence of a mysterious religious cult somehow involved in the outbreak, and even instructions on how to kill any enemies left in the blood smeared on the walls. Nowhere near as good, and trades his collection of weaponized mining gear for a more conventional arsenal of pistols and shotguns, but otherwise feels very familiar – and plays all Dead Space games. As someone who did, it was a campaign focused on amazing jump scares, but light on major story and gameplay surprises.

Where The Callisto Protocol deviates significantly from Dead Space’s horror-filled template is its focus on melee combat, at least during office hours. Weapons and ammo are scarce at first, so dispatching each of the growling cellmates requires luring them uncomfortably close, swinging them out of the way of their claw attacks, and using Jacob’s stun baton. Thumbstick-based dodging and blocking attacks feels like ducking and weaving in a boxing game. – And knocking off limbs one by one and striking baton-shaped grooves in the skull is a satisfying weight.

As each infected inmate is given a lethal injection of hot lead, the already tight-in camera gets even closer to really highlight the carnage.

Even with Jacob’s increased arsenal, melee combat remains a smart way to conserve ammo. Because each successful combo string you land opens a short window to perform a “Skillshot”, automatically locking onto weak points with firearms and weapons. Take them down in a few shots instead of a full clip. I enjoyed the risk/reward choice of getting up close and personal rather than trying to shoot down enemies more safely from a distance… a lethal injection of hot lead.

get GRP

Unfortunately, that high level of tension will not be maintained once the GRP is introduced. Powerful enough to lift most enemies into the air, this gravity-defying gauntlet can be used in several dynamic combat encounters, especially in conjunction with various death traps and volatile objects conveniently placed around each area. Enter a room full of ghouls, lift a ghoul up and stab it into a wall of spikes, throw another ghoul into the exposed crusher, and throw a third ghoul in the middle with a saw blade. Finish. there. It can be a lot of fun in a jailbreak Jedi-like way, often with glorious and disastrous consequences, but it’s also like Indiana Jones gun-toting swordfights where the primary threat is too much. This means that it will be quickly erased.

Since GRP is an ability that depletes over time and needs to be recharged over time or instantly replenished if there is one in stock, it could not always be used as a crutch, but was forced to Even on the “highest security” difficulty setting, I have the upper hand in most enemy encounters.I suspect that the most dangerous monster lurking in Black Iron is actually me. You may.

Due to the overwhelming nature of GRP, I didn’t need to invest too much in the Callisto Protocol’s weapon upgrade system. I’ve certainly splurged on basic enhancements like extended clip size and recoil dampening, but I felt the need to amass enough Callisto credits to purchase the more exotic enhancements. After all, if throwing the ever-present explosive canister or the ability to pick up enemies and drop them on a ledge are the only alternative fire modes, the Riot Gun’s explosive rounds or the Assault Rifle’s homing rounds are What is it used for? Do you really need it?

Similarly, stealth sequences rarely cause stress. Halfway through Jacob’s Great Escape, the Callisto Protocol introduces a deadly blind variant of the Infected, reminiscent of the Clickers from The Last of Us. However, although they are said to have advanced hearing, they were surprisingly easy to kill violently right under the nose of other foes…the death screams of their just-dispatched comrades. A far more serious threat is his droid, a towering Terminator-style security that can only be destroyed with a pinpoint headshot. After that, they are rarely encountered again.

hell in a cell

That’s not to say there aren’t a healthy variety of enemies to tackle in The Callisto Protocol. They embody a set of fairly common survival horror archetypes, but the standard zombie he-type, a charging suicide bomber, a spider-like creature that crawls on all fours and scrambles along walls and ceilings. . Making Space Jam out of their Space Gut. Eventually a regenerative ability was introduced, allowing him to transform into a more resilient Brute if he wounded him without completely finishing his basic enemy grunt. This is perhaps best exemplified by a late-game ride on an underground excavation platform. Hordes of attackers pounce on you from all directions, instantly powering you up as a result of being slammed into flying rock fragments.This is arguably one of his most heart-pounding sequences of the entire journey. is.

Elsewhere, though, the shockingly slow so-called “quick weapon swap” feature fueled my trepidation. It routinely frustrated me during repeated battles with mini-bosses that looked like Callisto Protocol’s two-headed tanks, which quickly depleted my ammo stockpile. weapon switch to another weapon, but the animation of Jacob holstering a weapon and drawing the next weapon was too long and could be accidentally interrupted, so the weapon switch was initiated and executed. There were many times when I would quickly dodge to dodge enemy fire, then bounce back into my shooting stance only to find myself still armed with the exact same weapon I was trying to holster. Clumsy control issues aside, The Callisto Protocol’s few boss fights were disappointingly one-dimensional and didn’t blow my mind. but).

There are a few other minor issues that plague The Callisto Protocol. It’s frustrating to have all the contents automatically picked up when you open a chest. Being able to listen to audio logs only while standing seems a little dated. , by the 6th or 7th time it’s simply annoying and feels like you’re forced to put up with it.

Finally, while the eight-hour runtime feels right in terms of pacing, there’s very little to do in The Callisto Protocol after completing the story. The New Game+ mode will be revealed via a free patch at a later date, but for now there are no interesting unlockables to encourage repeat playthroughs or alternate modes to try, and the overall package at launch is largely the same. It feels slim like a mattress in a prison cell.

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