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Project L: Riot’s League of Legends Fighting Game Resurfaces With New Gameplay

Riot Games has promised another update for the League of Legends fighter, Project L, this year. And we’re gearing up just in time to meet that deadline with a new look for our gameplay systems.

Riot officially uploaded Youtube This latest look at Project L is guided by Executive Producer Tom Cannon and Game Director Sean Rivera. The dev diary dives into the state of several previously revealed champions like Illaoi, explaining the design philosophy behind turning League Fighter into an assist-based showdown.

Cannon updated Illaoi at the beginning of the video, explaining that the previous iteration shared of the champion was an early design concept. Now it looks like these parts of her model and fleshed-out kit are coming together, and today’s Illaoi battle footage shows off a version of the character that’s “about 30% complete.”

A brief introduction to Project L’s “Big Body Brawler” takes a closer look at some of the MOBA’s signature features, including her golden artifact and Nagakaboros tentacles. Cannon said that in its early playable state, Illaoi is participating in Riot’s internal playtesting.

Previously Project L update, Riot elaborated on its “easy-to-learn, hard-to-learn mentality.” Rivera began a breakdown of his design philosophy with the same principles, outlining how the pillars of his system of gameplay guide his core ideas through behavior, offense, defense, tag teaming his teaming, and assist actions.

Riot recalls some of these fighting game staples from Project L, taking the move a little further with champions that can walk, run, dash, chain dash, jump, long jump, and super jump. is showing. Rivera added that some champions will have more unique movement options in the air.The video showed Ahri’s flying jump similar to her Spirit Rush from MOBA.

“Initially, Project L was developed to be a one-on-one game with two champions, one winning,” says Rivera. “But about two years ago, we pivoted to tag team assist-based fighters. The tag system is deep, flexible, and meant to unlock creativity. Allow teams to play against each other.Together we will defeat the enemy.”

Rivera outlined some of the elements that guide Project L’s tentatively named assist actions, handshake tags, and dynamic saves in teamfights. Every champion has two assist actions, which may vary depending on the execution. Handshake tags allow players to swap characters as long as both teammates are on screen. These can be chained together with assist actions.

As for dynamic saves, this is Project L’s combo breaker, available at the start of each match. It’s a clutch save for tagging one champion to another, but Rivera warned players to use it wisely.

It’s been three years since Riot first appeared League of Legends Fighters Announcedupdates are a bit scarce, but the developers are slowly ramping up their efforts. Project L is free to playWhile some rumors claimed otherwise, the studio also said that Fighters don’t give players NFTs.

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