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Quantic Dream Doesn’t Have Plans to Adapt Any of Its Games for Movies or TV

If you’re expecting one of Quantic Dream’s cinematic games to make the jump to the big screen, don’t. The company’s president, David Cage, said the studio isn’t actively selling the rights to its games for film adaptation.

But that doesn’t mean Quantic Dream is completely ignoring film and television. Cage says Netflix is ​​actively following the rise of interactive TV, much like it did with Black Mirror’s Bandersnatch.

“[I]If it means selling the rights to our games to film companies to make movies, it’s not necessarily something we’re actively pursuing,” Cage said in an interview. IGN Japan.

But Cage says whether Quantic Dream is interested in TV media is another matter altogether. “It’s also interesting to see what Netflix is ​​doing and what other people are doing and experimenting with interactive TV shows. It’s about giving them access to the possibility to talk and change the course of the story based on their choices.”

Cage calls it a “simplified version” of the game Quantic Dream is already making, but the appeal lies in the potential to reach new audiences on new platforms with different interfaces. But despite the interest, Cage said:

Still, Cage said Netflix’s take on interactive TV is exciting, saying, “There’s a future for interactive storytelling on TV.”

Considering Quantic Dream is currently developing Star Wars Eclipse, a branching action-adventure game set in the High Republic era, it may not be focused on film and TV. . Focusing on multiple protagonists, players make meaningful choices that affect the storyline.

Star Wars Eclipse was announced at the 2021 Game Awards, but no official release date has been set yet.

Matt TM Kim is IGN’s News can contact him @lawoftd.

Interview with IGN Japan’s Daniel Robson.

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