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Save 10% Off the Xbox Series X Gaming Console, But Not From Amazon

This deal will not last! Dell offers Xbox Series X Get a console for just $449.99. 10% off regular $500. For most people, this will be the best deal you can get for an Xbox Series X on Prime Day. However, technically, this sale is part of Dell’s July Black Friday sale (a.k.a. Black Friday Countersale).

10% Off Xbox Series X

The Xbox Series X is a current generation system capable of driving 4K games at up to 120fps. It’s technically a more powerful system than the PS5, and games that are compatible with both consoles typically perform better on the Xbox console. Compared to the $300 Xbox Series S, the X has more powerful hardware and can run games at 4K (Xbox Series S runs games at his 1440p). Xbox Series X also features a disc drive that can play 4K Blu-ray movies and physical game media. The Series S does not.

I have another deal. Dell has Xbox Series X Diablo 4 Console bundle $499.99. Diablo 4 alone costs $60, so this is a better deal if you plan to buy Diablo 4 anyway.

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