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Starfield Fan Thinks They’ve Worked Out the Entire Skill Tree

After spending 200 hours piecing together various gameplay clips, trailers, and other snippets of the game, one avid Starfield fan believes he’s revealed the entire skill tree for the new Bethesda RPG.

according to reports game radarasd8dhd reddit listed individual skills, identifiable by various elements of gameplay and developer commentary, and combined them to create what is believed to be a complete skill tree.

This includes things like a twice-upgradeable balance skill drawn from zero-gravity gameplay, and developer talks about how firing weapons in zero-gravity has different effects. Then there are also martial arts skills, evidenced by gameplay in which the player is trapped in hand-to-hand combat.

All of these are backed up and also cross-referenced with various elements, such as skills that appear in the background of other gameplay or when Bethesda shows part of the overall skill tree. Some are easy hits for the Starfield detectives, such as when the devs show off their skill overtly.

Of course, thousands are better than one, so after sharing their achievements on the internet, asd8dhd got some feedback that helped them fix certain skills that were a bit wrong originally. And while the skill tree effort will likely continue from now until Starfield’s launch, Fan said “other projects” are also in the works.

However, time is ticking on this front, assuming Bethesda doesn’t delay Starfield again, as the game is set to launch on September 6th in less than two months.

This is probably the most highly anticipated video game release in recent memory, and as such it has captured the attention of fans in wild and wonderful ways. For example, people talked about virtual sandwiches being stuck at 30 frames per second, but ESRB ratings revealed drugs, in-game purchases, and jetpack sex.

Ryan Dinsdale is a freelance reporter for IGN. He will talk about witchers all day long.

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