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The Callisto Protocol Performance Issues Were a ‘Damn Clerical Error” Per Studio CEO

Callisto Protocol’s stuttering problem is due to a “damn clerical error”. according to To Striking Distance Studios CEO Glenn Scofield.

and Individual Reply String On Twitter, Schofield said at launch, Wrong file patched Joined The Callisto Protocol, indicating that an error occurred because someone was in a hurry. “I’m going to figure out how this happened, but right now I’m focusing. All our energies are there. Ultimately, I’m responsible and accountable.” Schofield said.

On Steam, players are bombarding reviews of the game due to its poor performance. However, a patch came out later in the launch day and helped improve the stuttering issue.

another Console version patch issued I was experiencing crashes and framerate issues. Striking Distance Studio says it will continue to improve game performance and listen to feedback.

IGN’s review of The Callisto Protocol states: Its largely linear design minimizes backtracking. This means you won’t be torn out of bones and muscles, and you’ll be trimming the fat. “

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