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This God of War Ragnarok Twist Was Hidden in Plain Sight the Whole Game

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for God of War Ragnarok.

Eagle-eyed players may discover the main plot in God of War Ragnarok fairly early on.

A big late-game conspiracy in God of War Ragnarok is that Tyr, whom you rescue early in the game, isn’t actually the Norse god of war, but Odin in disguise. The ruse was found when Týr kept calling his Loki to his Atreus, but the developers hid the secret the moment you met him.

“I saw someone the other day finally figure it out,” Williams says of the early Odin story hidden in the subtitles. has no accent. ”

So the subtitle is simply “Tyr” when Odin speaks, but correctly spells “Týr” if the real Tyr is found after the match.

Williams revealed when the team first thought of the idea of ​​having Odin disguise himself as Tyr. I said to the writers, ‘What if I was Odin of Týr?’ and they were like, ‘What?’

After the idea, the writers went away for a week to see if the plot worked, and then returned to Williams. “They said, ‘I think we can do well.'”

The developers then escaped with the idea of ​​hiding clues early on. “Lots of little clues. You know what prison you’re going to break [Odin/Tyr] out? Go back there and in the corner of that room you’ll find something that looks like a crow’s feather.You can see it in the broom closet. Just like he calls Freya “Frigg”, just what he says is like sticking a knife in her. ”

The twist is a true gut punch, showing that even with the real Týr alive at the end, Odin is a trickster as well as the Allfather. Please look. For the full interview, watch our Beyond special episode.

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