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Warcraft’s Death Knight Class Is Coming to Hearthstone!

The Hearthstone team today announced a series of very exciting updates. To give you an idea of ​​the scope, let me point it out in bullet points. Then dive into the details.

– The Death Knight class has been added to Hearthstone with impressive gameplay changes thanks to the Blood/Frost/Undead rune system and corpse mechanic. Includes 68 cards at launch.

– Alongside a new class comes a new expansion – March of the Lich King. It is rooted in Warcraft lore and based on the Lich King’s Scourge attacking Blood on his elves in Silvermoon City. A new keyword – Manathhirst is introduced.

– Undead is a new minion type debuting in this set, and hundreds of legacy cards are also tagged as Undead. Many minions are now dual-type as well.

– Added the first neutral spell to Hearthstone, Sunwell. Not only that, but you can get it for free by logging into the game now.

– From now until the release of March of the Lich King (December 6th), the entire Knights of the Frozen Throne set (originally released in 2017 and the first expansion to feature hero cards) has been added to the standard. format.

– Signature cards have been introduced to Hearthstone. This has another expansion-specific art.

Now let’s take a closer look at the above.

Death Knight classes and runes

Death Knight is just the second new class beyond the original nine added to Hearthstone. The team has done everything in their power to represent the myriad ways Death Knight can be played in World of Warcraft, and at the core of that identity is how the player can move into his three different realms (Blood, Frost, and Unholy). A new rune system that you can specialize.

At the heart of Death Knight is a new rune system that allows players to specialize in Blood, Frost, and Unholy.

When building a Death Knight deck, players have three rune slots to fill, and most if not all Death Knight class cards have rune requirements. For example, for Triple Frost, you can include cards with 1, 2, or 3 runes of Frost, but not Blood or Unholy cards. On the other hand, if you include a Frost card with only one or two rune requirements, the third rune slot can be blood or unholy, and he of other attributes can splash certain cards from one. increase.

Some of the options when pairing 2 Blood Runes with 1 Frost.

A new system that allows 10 combinations of BBB, FFF, UUU, BBU, BBF, FFB, FFU, UUB, UUF, and BFU. As you can imagine, each of the three alignments has different strengths, weaknesses, and playstyles. Blood DK is a control option with huge minions, health manipulation and lifesteal. Frost DK is all about spell synergy, direct damage, mana manipulation, and some freezes. Unholy DK, on ​​the other hand, is aggressive, ranged, buffs minions, and a corpse master (more on that in a moment) as he swarms his enemies with an army of undead.

The triple rune card is... pretty nuts.

The triple rune card is… pretty nuts.

After starting Death Knight, first play the class prologue. In this prologue, Arthas Menethil takes a dark path and faces off against key Warcraft figures such as Uthar, Sylvanas, Illidan and Mal. ganis. The prologue is Death’s introduction to his Knight’s mechanics, and upon completion it unlocks the class, giving you 32 core cards and his 3 starter decks. (Incidentally, the DK core set is almost twice the size of the other classes and will continue to do so.)

Death Knights starts with a total of 68 cards. This makes him 50% larger than Demon Hunter, who had 45 copies on release. Beyond the core set, the Path of Arthas bundle includes his 26 cards (the same number other classes received through this year’s expansions and mini-sets) and comes with 3 “advanced” decks To do. This bundle can be purchased separately, but is also included in the March of the Lich King Pre-Order Mega Bundle. And finally, just like any other class, the new expansion will include Death Knight with his 10 class cards.

Each spec has a very different flavor.

Each spec has a very different flavor.

There are many, but the Hearthstone team’s goal is to have enough cards for each specialization to have a viable deck or two. So no matter how you want to play DK, you can. Now let’s talk about the corpse.

Ghoul charges, corpses and undead

Death Knight is all about raising the dead, and this aspect of the class is reflected in both its hero powers and its use of corpses. Corpses are additional resources that Death Knights can summon. Whenever a friendly minion dies (with some exceptions) a corpse is added to the tally (visible under the mana bar), and then there are cards that consume those corpses – usually for some sort of bonus effect. there is.

Importantly, corpse generation is built into hero power. This is called Ghoul Charge and summons her 1/1 ghoul with a charge that dies at the end of the turn. It’s basically a 1 damage ping, but it’s also a guaranteed corpse. Specializations like Unholy also have many corpse generation cards, all tied to the strategy of choosing which runes to use. Perhaps add 1 Unholy along with 2 Blood to make sure you have enough corpses to activate the Blood’s Corpse wielder?

positively terrifying.

positively terrifying.

To ensure this use of undead, Hearthstone has officially added undead as a minion type. Not only that, but undead synergy (“If an undead ally dies after your last turn…”) will be incorporated into the March of the Lich King set. Many of the new undead are reborn (two him for the price of one corpse!), and the undead changes apply retroactively, so hundreds of old cards are newly classified as undead. Cards also allowed him to have two types, so Patches the Pirate, for example, became both pirates and demons.

March of the Lich King

Hearthstone has spent the last few years delving further into the classic Warcraft setting and characters, and the new expansion March of the Lich King very much continues that trend. Wrath Event), the Lich King’s March is centered around the besieged Silvermoon City, with half the classes Scourge (Death Knight, Warlock, Priest, Shaman, Rogue, Druid) and half Silvermoon. and Blood Elves (Hunter, Paladin, Warrior, Mage, Demon Hunter).

ice to see you?

ice to see you?

Each group in the class shares a theme. For example, the Scourge classes involve the undead, so Priest raises the dead (little minions, don’t worry) and Warlock uses soul magic. Interesting things are happening. For example, Rogues are creating concoctions, but Druids’ Nervian Links are making a comeback.

The Blood Elves of Silvermoon, on the other hand, rely (sometimes unhealthily) on their magical powers. Cards with Manathirst gain a bonus effect if they have the required amount of mana. They don’t consume mana, they just get better at some point in the game. As for specific classes, Mages belong to Magisters and are masters of arcane magic, Blood Knights are darker, vengeful Paladins of his who bent the light to their will by force, and Fel Blood Elves. is a demon his hunter and a fel-added outcast.

signature card

A signature card also debuts at the Lich King’s March. These are a new decorative type of card with alternate art in a style specific to the expansion and a card frame that showcases the full art. The Lich King’s 18 March cards have signature variants (15 of which are Legendary), which come as rare drops in card packs and cannot be crafted. Along with this, the Golden Pack will be upgraded to a “Signed Golden Pack” that includes a signed card with a “high probability”. Golden packs are now also available for direct purchase.

The Knights of the Frozen Throne are back!

Back in 2017, Hearthstone asked the question – what if each of its (then nine) classes became a Death Knight? The result was the introduction of Hero Cards and the Order of the Frozen Throne set. This is one of the most popular expansions in Hearthstone history and the ideal set to return to the Standard format leading to the introduction of the Death Knight class. .

Oh, Shadowreaper Anduin, meet again.

Oh, Shadowreaper Anduin, meet again.

If you log into Hearthstone now, you’ll see that all Knights of the Frozen cards have been added to your collection. They will become part of the core set and will remain until the release of March of the Lich King. Hero cards are certainly memorable and some are infamous, but will they work in 2022?

That’s not all when you log into Hearthstone today. You’ll also get Sunwell, Hearthstone’s first neutral spell, for free. It has a very interesting effect and even if it’s not very powerful it will be fun to play with.

(英) Genki, Genki, Genki.

(英) Genki, Genki, Genki.

Finally, March of the Lich King will be released on December 6th in NA (December 7th in ANZ/Asia Pacific). Check out the detailsFor now, be sure to check out the Death Knight design video and features detailing the development of new classes in Team 5.

Cam Shea has been playing Hearthstone since beta, went behind the scenes of Demon Hunter Development Flow Back in 2019/2020.When he’s not playing games, he mixing record.

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