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Where Winds Meet: A New Open World Game That Promises Ultimate Player Freedom

At Gamescom, Everstone Studios announced a new open-world epic Where Winds Meet. The trailer, which showcases travel, combat, stealth, and so much more, can be overwhelming. This is because the developers put player freedom above all else.

In an interview with IGN, Everstone Studios revealed that Where Winds Meet was designed with a high degree of freedom in mind. As such, Where Winds Meet will include a powerful job system that allows players to specialize in “the different identities and professions that exist in the Eastern martial arts society.”

For example, harsh weather conditions can make players sick. In this way, this player can learn medicine abilities and become a doctor who can heal not only himself but also NPCs and other players online.

“Besides being a doctor, players can choose other professions,” says Everstone. “For example, they can be orators who use the power of words to convince NPCs to follow their advice. They can also be architects who build all sorts of imaginative buildings. They can be bodyguards protecting them from assassins, or they can be ferrymen taking passengers on river tours.

The developer’s emphasis on player freedom can be illustrated in the opening scene of the trailer, where the player character is seen paying an NPC for information before using magic to steal an item. According to the team, the event can be approached in different ways, with different possible outcomes.

“For example, when retrieving items from a distance, players can instead purchase the items directly, which keeps players from being tracked, but can cost them a lot.”

Where the Winds Meet is set specifically at the sunset of the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms periods before the Song Dynasty, but players don’t need to be overly familiar with this historical setting to understand the story.

Where the Winds Meet – Gamescom 2022

“Players may certainly come from different cultural backgrounds, but the civilizations that have survived to this day have experienced a baptism of blood and fire as history progresses. Even so, you can still feel the theme of the game, “the decline of the dynasty.”

Where Winds Meet certainly sounds ambitious in scope and gameplay. To help with this, Everstone is using proprietary technology to enable the game’s “complex and epic terrain”, developing a massive open world that gives players more freedom.

For more announcements from Opening Night Live, check out IGN’s full coverage from Gamescom.

Matt TM Kim is IGN’s News can contact him @lawoftd.

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